Earn free paypal money by daily sign ins.

Some online stores incentivize their users by giving them free store credits. The store credits would depend on the form that it would take. It can be in a form of coins, or even as credit on the user’s paypal account. Depending on the promo or situation, the idea really is to have the user to visit the online store more often and to drive the user behavior to be checking the online store from time to time. In one example, to be able to earn free paypal money, the user is asked to drop by the online store daily and sign in using his user credentials. The credits or incentives would be given to him after certain amount has been accumulated.

The rationale behind the online stores giving out incremental credits or money is because the online store is trying to drive a consumer behavior r of making it a daily habit for him to visit the online store daily. With the competition getting tough nowadays, this kind of promotion is needed to get people to form a habit of visiting their online store. To earn free paypal money, aside from the daily sign in of the user using his own credential, the user can also join online games that are being hosted by the online store owner.

When joining online games, it is critical that the website owner allots a certain amount of budget to be given away during the online game. This is to ensure that the system would be able to determine the budget based on the number of possible players, and then use algorithm to identify the prizes to be given and how many user are allowed to join for that particular interval. This is for the online store to be able to properly set expectation on any one who is planning to join.